Vision & Mission


We started this journey with just 2 children with special needs and currently we provide education and training to about 130 children across all our centers. 

“Accept the children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom” – RUDOLF STEINER.

Our intervention, training and education is done with belief that the special-needs children from underprivileged background should:

  1. Become an integral part of this society
  2. Have their right to education, training, games, leisure etc.
  3. Be able to live, work and contribute to society like others
  4. Be able to enjoy equal privileges, rights & opportunities as other normal children, without discrimination
  5. Be able to have an opportunity for safe & productive adulthood

We wish to touch about 500 children and young adults with special needs by 2021.


To SEEK out underprivileged children with special needs and to INTERVENE by assessing their special needs and provide comprehensive and innovative curative education and services through trained specialists , modern technology & infrastructure and make them as independent as possible.

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