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Saaraansh – 2016:

Saaraansh- 16, our annual day celebrations is back again. This year we are going to show the freedom Struggle of India.
We extend our hearty welcome to all. Kindly encourage our special needs students with your presence.

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Annual Intra Center Sports Meet of Arvind Foundation. We thank all our Sponsors, Volunteers and Parents for their support. We thank our Staff and Students for the efforts they had put in for such a wonderful show….
We thank the Almighty for His kind Blessings – for no rains and no accidents and for providing us with the courage to carry on with our mission to reach out more and more children with special needs.










We invite you for the opening of AIVE – a vocational training centre for children with Special Needs

#575, 14 Street, 4th Sector, K.KNagar, Chennai – 78

On: 17th July 2015 between 9.30 am to 10.30 am.





Saaraansh – 2015:

Saaraansh- 15, our annual day celebrations is back with a beautiful theme – Ainthinaigal.
We extend our hearty welcome to all. Kindly encourage our special needs students with your presence.

Curative Eurythmy Workshop:.

Eurythmy is an expressive art of   movement which began in 1921. It was developed by Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman MD as an movement therapy based on the art of movement Eurythmy. Curative Eurythmy in distinction to Artistic Eurythmy (performed on the stage) and Hygienic Eurythmy (for normal Children), works with movement directed towards life body, the effect of which is comparable to a medicine.

Curative Eurythmy is a movement therapy based on Eurythmy movements geared to heal the ill health from within and rejuvenate the life body. Eurythmy therapy trea

tment is useful as prophylaxis where a tendency to illness exists but is chiefly used in both acute and chronic conditions. The movements are adapted for specific conditions and ailments as diagnosed and prescribed by an Anthroposophical Doctor. This aims at healing the soul from within.

A 3 day workshop on Curative Eurythmy is being conducted by Ms.Dilnawaz Bana from Mumbai, the  first certified Curative Eurythmist in India was trained at Switzerland. She had been working at the Lucas Cancer Clinic, Switzerland for over 25 years and is still the visiting Consultant Eurythmist to Europe. This workshop is initiated by Arvind Foundation –a Curative Institution for special needs students and also a Charitable organization for Under Privileged Special Needs Children. The Workshop will be conducted in two different Sessions – one for doctors and the other for a general group of Curative Educators, Therapists, Psychologists, Parents of Special Needs Children & other persons interested in Eurythmy.

For registration please contact:

Mrs.Sudha Athmaraj: +

91 98416 15333 – sudhaathmaraj@arvindfoundation.org

Dr.Sharmila:  +91 72999 11022 – sharmila@arvindfoundation.org

Mr.Ramesh: +91 98431 31797 – m.ramesh@arvindfoundation.org

eurythmy workshop











2nd June 2014:

Our School reopens on 2nd June 2014 – Monday.

For Admission Contact us


9th Mar 2014:

Saaraansh - Our Annual Day is a celebration of the knowledge & experiences that our students have gained through this year. The goal for this Annual Day is ‘Aiming Towards Independent Performance’ as much as possible, our children will strive towards this goal and showcase their special Talents on the stage.

We extend a warm & hearty invitation to you and your Family to witness and encourage our students’ performance. Kindly consider this as a personal Invitation & please be present.

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21st Nov 2013:




Our Founders were awarded          RONORTH SELFLESS SERVICE  AWARD by Rotary Club of Madras        North (RONORTH). We were one      among the 10  awardees  who got selected from the  Nominations.                  Click here for Photos




Arvindniketan will be closed on Nov 1 2013 for Diwali.

Happy Diwali

Diwali 1










Lesson on Gravity: – Grade 8



The Main lesson on gravity was taught with lot of practical examples. The force of attraction was taught with the help of a magnet. The concept of “All that goes up must come down” was emphasized. The concept of centripetal force was taught with the help of colourful picture of our solar system. The concept of centre of gravity was taught with the help of a Balance.


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