Residential Facility

WHAT AFTER US is a common unanswered question of every disabled child’s parents. Even after regular and systematic training, most of these children are highly dependent on others for their daily life routine. Many of them, as they grow up, have to be supported even for their activities of daily living like feeding, toilet, dressing, sleep and safety. They need a secured quality life and additional protection from abuse and neglect. ARVIND FOUNDATION’s next project is an attempt to provide this assurance. This will be a residential facility for such children who either belong to underprivileged parents / affordable parents or who outlive their parents or care takers . Such children will receive shelter, training, holistic and comprehensive rehabilitation, education, protection & livelihood etc for the rest of their lives when they have no one else to take care or protect them. Currently the availability of such institutions to look after the needs for growing up ( young adults ) disabled children is very limited. The need is very high.

This residential project for young adults with disabilities is very huge & difficult. We however have compelling reasons to initiate this .

Time and again we have been approached by anxious parents who have adolescent & adult disabled children . Unable to handle these growing up children in the right direction, many parents need help and professional guidance. These young adults need to be very carefully guided and trained to pass through their young adult period due to their various special needs . if this is not handled properly some of them become unmanageable at a later time. Lack of work, activity & boredom worsens the quality of life of these young disabled adults and we notice many of them becoming a burden to their families.

These young adults will have to be meaningfully engaged , usefully occupied , taught to create something constructively and be self sufficient & independent. This is precisely what we aim to do in our Residential Facility.


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